Dr. Arunava Biswas :
Wheat Blast Disease : A new threat to wheat cultivation in South Asia
N. Irabanta Singh :
Aerobiology in North East India in the context of health, heritage and environment
Mohan Kumar Biswas and Sk. Jubayer Ali :
Management of Fusarium Wilt of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) under the undulating red and lateritic belt of West Bengal
Sanjit Debnath, Ajay Krishna Saha and Panna Das : Biological activities of Schizophyllum commune Fr. –A wild edible mushroom of Tripura, North East India 469
C. Bijeesh, K.B. Vrinda and C.K. Pradeep : Mushroom poisoning by Chlorophyllum molybdites in Kerala 477
Asis Kumar Pal : Folicolous fungi of mangrove plants of Indian Sundarbans—A treasure house of ethnobotanical medicine 485
Jessica Sten, Nani Yampi, Sunita Mahapatra, S. K. Ray and Srikanta Das : Effect of different NPK combinations against Sclerotium rot of groundnut under different fertility gradient soil 495
C. P. Manjula, M. K. Prasanna Kumar and C. R. Jahir Basha : Studies on variations among prevailing races of Xanthomonas vesicatoria causing Bacterial spot on tomato in Karnataka 503
Ankita Biswas, Ayana Chakraborty and Srikanta Das : Morphological studies of Diplodia rosarum causing Die Back and in vitro Studies of different fungicides and essential oils against the pathogen 511
B. R. Sharma, Anamika Debnath, Sajeed Ali, S. Baskey, Anjana Thapa, and S. Dutta : Identification and characterization of different pathogens associated with the Rhizome Rot and Wilt disease complex of ginger in Darjeeling Himalayas 517
N. K. B. Adikaram and D.M.D. Yakandawala : Brown patch disease of Zoysia turfgrass (Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr.) caused by Rhizoctonia solani Kühn 523
Moirangthem Indira Devi and R. K. Tombisana Devi : Management of Grey Leaf spot of mango with fungicides, botanicals and bioagents in vitro and in vivo condition in Manipur 527
V. Suresh, B. Vidya Sagar, N. Sumalatha and M. Rajendra Prasad : Effect of culture media and different temperatures on mycelial growth and pycnidial production of Lasiodiplodia theobromae casual agent of mango gummosis 531
S. Sarkar, A. Nandi ,S.K.Beura, S. Das,S.K. Dash, N. Senapati, G. Pandey, and A. Patnaik : Effect of different fungicides on the management of Cercospora Leaf Spot (Cercospora cruenta, Sacc.,) of cowpea under field condition 535
Dipankar Mandal, Rini Pal and A. K. Mohanty : Management of Bacterial Leaf Blight of rice in an integrated way 539
A.K.Chowdhury, P.M.Bhattacharya, Ashish Santra and Tapamay Dhar : Effect of conservation agriculture based rice-wheat system on Sheath Blight and Spot Blotch diseases in Eastern India 543
A. Nagaraja, Suresh Patil, B. S. Chetana and Laxmi Rawat : Prevalence of Cercospora Leaf Spot (CLS) in the mid hills of Uttarakhand, India 547
Tenya Rina and Rajiv Kumar Singh : Cultivation of oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.) on various agro-forest wastes in Arunachal Pradesh 551
G. Biswal and N. K. Dhal : In vitro assay of antibiotics against Ralstonia solanacearum causing Bacterial wilt and Brown rot of potato 555
Mohammad Khaja Moinuddin, Rana Kausar and Bagyanarayana Gaddam : Addition to Black Mildew fungal species from Eturnagaram, Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuaries of Telangana State, India 559
Sangeetha Ganesan, Debasish Biswal, Srinivas Petikam, and Hari Shankar Singh : Improved and efficient method of isolation of Pyricularia angulata Hashioka causing Blast and Pitting diseases of banana 563


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January 2017