IMS 2014



Sinha, Kaushal K : Mycotoxin problem in maize   173
Pal, Mahendra; Dave, Pratibha; Manna, Anil Kumar and Samajapati, Nirmalendu : Penicillium marneffei Segretain : An emerging mysterious fungal pathogen of humans 185
Mandal, Modhuleena and Ghosh, Uma : Fungal cellulases and their industrial importance : A Review 191
Vrinda, K.B.; Pradeep, C.K. and Varghese, Shibu P.: Notes on three promising wild edible mushrooms from Western Ghats of Kerala 199
Singh, Jaskaran; Biswas, S.K.; Nagar, Devesh and Singh, Ravindra : Eco-friendly management strategy of Alternaria blight through plant extracts. 205
Mukherjee, Ratula : Effect of carbon and nitrogen sources on the mycelial growth and yield of protein by the dikaryon and the protoplast fusant nycelia of Pleurotus sajor-caju. 215
Kayini, A.; Chongtham, I. and Pandey, R.R. : Diversity of soil fungal communities in Alnus nepalensis and Castanopsis hystrix dominated plantation forest stands of Northeastern India 225
Karuna, K.; Nagaraju; Shadakshari, Y.G. and Geetha, K.N : Conidial size and germination of Erysiphe cichoracearum DC causing powdery mildew of sunflower 237
Dhal, A.; Beura, S.K. and Tripathy, L. : Fungicidal management of Early Blight disease in tomato 243
Ajithkumar, K.; Biradar, S.A. and Rajanna, B : Screening of linseed germplasms for resistance against Powdery Mildew caused by Oidium lini Skoric 247
Ali, Jamshed : A study on control of Fruit Rot of tomato caused by pathogens by using certain oils 253
Khamari, Bhaagyashree; Beura, Surjya Kanta and Ranasingh, Nirakar : Epidemiological study of Helminthosporium blight in maize under Odisha condition 259
Varma, R.K; Singh, Rahul and Trivedi, H.K. : Symptomatology of two intraspecific, morphologically distinct anastomosis group of Rhizoctonia solani causing Rhizoctonia aerial blight of soybean 263
Mohanty, Swagatika; Nayak, Nibedita and Beura, Surjya Kanta :Colletotrichum capsici-a new report of leaf spot disease of gerbera (Gerbera jamesonil Bolus) from Odisha 267
Yonzone Rakesh and Kumar, Bipen : Status of Red stripe disease of sugarcane in Punjab, India 271
Mohanty, Swagatika; Nayak Nibedita and Beura, Surjya Kanta: Cultural, nutritional and physiological characterization of Colletotrichum capsici, the incitant of gerbera leaf spot 275


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Volum 53
Number 2
October 2015
Published on 27.10.2015


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