IMS 2014



Adikaream, Nimal; Karunanayake, Chathurika; Sinniah, Ganga; Komala Vithanage, Ishani and Yakandawala, Deepthi : Fungal quiescence in fruit : an attempt to avoid toxic substances?   1
Roy, S. And Dam, S.K. : Important tobacco diseases in India and their management 9
Chandra, Vikash; Godara, Shruti; Kumar, Ashwini; Saha, Bikram and Biswas, Kajal K. : Nucleotide sequence of ORF 11-p23 suppressor gene of Citrus tristeza virus isolate of different citrus growing states of India and determination of extensive genetic diversity 25
Biswas, Subrata; Datta, M. And Ngachan, S.V. : Mushroom cultivation a prosperous venture for improvement of livelihood of poor tribal in Tripura 31
Pal, Mahendra; Gebrezgabher, Weldegebrial; Samajpati, Nirmalendu and Manna, Anil Kumar Growing role of non-Candida albicans Candida species in clinical disorder of humans and animals 41
Pramanik, Satadru and Chaudhuri, Sujata : Decolourization of Congo Red by Hypocrea nigricans from Forest Litter Lyer 49
Khumanthem, Nonibal and Singh, N. Irabanta : Screening of Cyanobacteria from the rice soil paddy field for biotechnological applications 55
Roy, Somnath; Barman, Shibu; Chakraborty, Usha and Chakraborty, Bishwanath : Cultivation of Pleurotus djamor- a new species of oyster mushroom in North Bengal 61
Chowdhury, Debjani; Dasgupta, B. And Paul, Palash Chandra : Studies on Leaf Spot of Thankuni (Centrella asiatica) caused by Alternaria sp. 65
Dutta, Gayatri; Bordoloi, Ajit Kumar; Borthakur, Mina Phukan and Bhattacharyya, P.R. : Mushroom Cultivation: Scope for Empowerment Generation for Rural Women 71
Kumar, Ravinder; Singh, Gopal and Mishra, Prashant : Influence of different substrates and enviromental factors on yield of two strains of Calocybe indica 75
Kuila, Debashis; Ghosh, Somdatta and Cerma, N.K. : Comparative productivity and Mycorrhizal infectivity of Fly Ash wih other soils and standardization of amendment ratio of Fly Ash with lateritic soil 83
Hegde, Gurudatt M. And Mesta, Ranghavendra K. : Integrated management of Sigatoka Leafspot of Banana 91
Bijaya Devi, N. And Irabanta singh, N. : Aerobiology and epidemiology of Late Blight of potato in surrounding areas of Imphal, Manipur 97
Babubhai, Chopada Gopalkumar; Singh, Pushpendra and Chandulal, Korat : Cultural and morphological variability among Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici Sacc. (Synder & Hans.,) isolates causing wilt of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) under South Gujarat 103
Mandal, Dipankar and Pal, Rini : Management of Stem Rot disease of groundnut under field condition 109
Islam, Roushan and Datta, Bejoysekhar : Characterization of a Fusarium isolate with respect to its pathogenecity and different growth parameters 113
Giri, Pranab : Evaluation of bioprospective potentially of Ocimum gratissimum Linn. Through microbial exploitation – An innovative approach for environmental fragrance development 119
Awasthi, D.P.; Dasgupta, B.; Sarkar, S. And Das, S.; Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of different isolates of Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. On Czapeck Dox Medium 123
Biswal, G. And Dhal, N.K. : Surveillance of bacterial disease of potato at coastal plains of Odisha 127
Ghosh, Somdatta and Kuila, Debashis : A comparison of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal colonization and spore diversity in vegetation of Fly Ash deposited area of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station and adjacent normal soil vegetation 131
Paul, Abhishek and Datta, Bejoysekhar : In vitro study of plant growth promoting attributes of three cadmium bio-remediating Pseudomonas spp. 137
Chakruno, Pezangullie and Banik, Susanta : Effect of foliar spray of metalaxyl and Trichoderma viride on the phylloplane mycoflora of Colocasia 143
Bhattacharyya, Chhanda : Production of mycelia biomass and antibiotic by the mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum (Curt, : Fr.) by submerged fermentation 149
Roy, S.K. : Antifungal activity of whole plant extract and plant lattices on mycelia growth of some pathogenic fungi    153
Patra, D.K. : Efficiency of fungitoxicants against Sheath Rot disease of rice 157
Patra, D.K. : Management of Damping off and seedling mortality disease in rice seed bed 161
Mishra, Mihira Kumara : Bal, Sushri Sangita and Behera, Bananjaya : Occurance of Laf rust of Tectona grandis caused by Olivea tectonae in Odhisha 165


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Volum 53
Number 1
April 2015
Published on 27.04.2015


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