Overview of the History of the Society

We present below an outline of the major milestones and events that have played an important role in shaping the history of the Indian Mycological Society.

  • The society, at the time of inception on 21st August 1954, was named Mycological Society, and was subsequently renamed as Indian Mycological Society in the year 1990.

  • Several eminent scientists were responsible for founding the society, such as the Late Dr. S.R. Bose who was the founding President of the society, Prof. S.N. Banerjee who served as the first Editor-In-Chief for the society's Publication, Prof. S.N. Bhaduri who served as the Society's first Secretary, Prof. P.N. Nandi and others.

  • At the time of the first Executive Council Meeting, held on 2nd April, 1955, there were altogether forty ordinary members and eight associate members enrolled in the society.


Dr. S.R. Bose

Dr. S.N. Banerjee

President : Dr. S.R. Bose, Calcutta
Vice - President : Dr. S.N. Dasgupta, Lucknow
Dr. S.N. Banerjee, Calcutta
Secretary : Dr. S.N. Bhaduri, Calcutta
Joint. Secretary : Dr. S.B. Chattopadhyay, Calcutta
Treasurer : Sri. A.K. Ganguly, Calcutta
Foray Secretary : Smt. Hasi Basu, Calcutta
Editing Publication : Dr. S.N. Banerjee, Calcutta


Dr. P.N. Nandi, Bose Institute
Sri S.Y. Padmanabhan, Cuttack
Dr. T.C. Roy, Govt. of India
Smt. Anjali Sarkar, Calcutta
Sri. T.C. Ghosh, Barrackpore
Sri M. Chakraborti, Calcutta
Dr. S.R. Sengupta, Kanpur
Dr. B.N. Bakshi, Dehradun

  • The first Annual General Meeting of the society was held on 10th October 1969, with Professor S.N. Banerjee at the head of the proceedings.

    The Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Society was observed by holding a National Symposium on "Recent Advances in Mycology and Plant Pathology" on September 22- 23,1979.This symposium was presided over by the Honourable Governor of West Bengal Shri Tribhuban Narayan Singh.

    Inauguration of the auspicious occasion of the Golden Jubilee Year was started on 17th September 2004 by some invited lectures. The programme was presided over by an eminent scientist Late Prof. A.K.Sarbhoy.Next a National Symposium was held in collaboration with Q.U.A.T. Bhubaneswar on 30th October,2004 at Bhubaneswar.In continuation of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations the Indian Mycological Society and the Dept. of Botany University Of Calcutta,Kolkata,India jointly organized a three days International Symposium on "Agriculturally Important Microorganisms:Conservation,Utilization, Bioremediation and Ecological Significance."This symposium provided an ideal platform for deliberations and discussions by leading national and international mycologists, microbiologists, plant pathologists, biotechnologists, molecular biologists and govenment officials for long term successful agriculture in India and other countries. This symposium was presided over by Prof.Asis Kumar Banerjee, Vice-Chancellor, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India.

Past Presidents

Prof. S. R. Bose (1954-1970)
Prof. S. N. Banerjee (1970-1977)
Prof. A. S. Yadav (1977-1978)
Prof. S. B. Chattopadhyay (1978-1979)
Prof. S. P. Roychowdhuri (1979-1986)
Prof. B. Nandi (1986-2000)
Dr. D. K. Gupta (2000-2001)
Prof. P. K. Sengupta (2001-2004)
Prof. R. P. Purkayastha (1986-1990)
Prof. K. R. Samaddar (1990-1992)
Dr. K. L. Chowdhuri (1992-1995)
Prof. A. K. Sarbhoy (1995-1997)
Prof. B. Nandi (1997-2000)
Dr. D. K. Gupta (2000-2001)
Prof. P. K. Sengupta (2001-2004)
Prof. N. Samajpati (2004-2013)
Dr. R. K. Mittal (2013 - 2016 )
Prof. N. Samajpati (2016 - Continuing)

Past President Photos

Prof. S. R. Bose

Prof. S. N. Banerjee

Prof. S.B.Chattopadhyay

Prof. S.P.Roychowdhury

Prof. R.P.Purkayastha

Prof. K.R.Samaddar

Dr. K.L.Chowdhuri


Prof. B.Nandi




Dr. R. K. Mittal


Volume 56
Number 4
January 2019