Management Overview

Since the establishment of the Indian Mycological Society in the 1954, the Executive Council has represented the IMS Membership at the highest level of leadership in the Society.

Elected by the Membership from among its numbers, the Executive Council is charged with the responsibility of deciding on matters related to Society policy, budget allocation, organizing general meetings and symposia, appointments to leadership and other important matters pertaining to the fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the Society as envisoned by the founding members.

Constitution of the Executive Council

As recommended by the founding members of the Society, the Executive Council at all times consists of one President, four Vice-Presidents, one Secretary, one Joint Secretary, one Treasurer, one Business Manager, one Librarian, one Foray Secretary and Editor of Publications (not more than ten in the Editorial Board at a time).

The Treasurer, the Secretary, the Joint Secretary, the Librarian, the Business Manager and Editors of Publications hold office for a period of three years. All other members of the Society are elected to a term of one year.

Elected Office Bearers

Elected Office Bearers of the Executive Council for the Session : 2016 - 2019

  • President, Prof. N. Samajpati (Kolkata)

  • Vice-Presidents, Prof. B. Dasgupta (Mohanpur, Nadia), Prof. B. N. Chakraborty (Siliguru)

  • Secretary, Dr. A.K.Manna (Kolkata)

  • Jt. Secretary, Prof. K. Acharya (Kokata)

  • Treasurer, Dr. Ratna Banerjee (Kolkata)

  • Foray Secretary, Dr. Dipak Kr. Nayak (Kolkata)

  • Business Manager, Mrs. Indrani Naskar (Kolkata)

  • Librarian, Dr. Maitreyee Banerjee (Kolkata)

Council Members

The following are the elected counil members:

  • Dr. Snigdha Maitra (Kolkata)

  • Dr. Arunava Biswas (Kolkata)

  • Dr. Priyabrata Basak(Kolkata)

  • Dr. Mili Chakrabarti (Kolkata)

  • Dr. R.R. Pandey (Manipur)

  • Dr. Surekha Kundu (Kolkata)

  • Dr. Arun Kr. Dutta (Kolkata)

  • Dr. B.N. Panja (Mohanpur, Nadia)

  • Dr. K.K.Biswas (New Delhi)

  • Dr. Arundhati Pal (Kolkata)

  • Dr. Nicky Singh (Kolkata)

  • Dr. S. Bhagat (New Delhi)

  • Dr. S.K. Berua (Bhubaneswar)

  • Dr. Shyamal Chakraborty (Kolkata).

  • Dr. Sumita Ghosh (Kolkata)


  • Prof. N. Samajpati (University of Calcutta)

Jt. Editors

  • Dr. Milan Bhattacharjee (Australia)

  • Prof. B.N. Chakraborty (Siliguri)

  • Dr Arunava Biswas (Kolkata)

  • Dr. Sanjay Guha Roy (Barasat).

Board of Editors

  • Prof K.R.Samaddar (Kalyani)

  • Prof. Balen Nandi (Kolkata)

  • Prof. Mahendra Pal (Ethiopia)

  • Prof. Arun K. Chatterjee (USA)

  • Prof. A.K. Chowdhury (Kalyani)

  • Prof. M.K. Naik (Karnataka)

  • Prof A.K. Paul (Kolkata)

  • Dr. K.B. Vrinda (Kerela)

  • Prof. A. Nagaraja (Bengaluru)

  • Prof. Usha Chakraborty (Siliguri)


Volume 55
Number 3
October 2017