Membership Information

Membership of the Indian Mycological Society is open to all interested in Mycology Plant Pathology and allied subjects.

Membership in the IMS provides an opportunity to stay current with new research via the Society's journal, Journal of Mycopathological Research, and also to learn about and participate in meetings, seminars, symposia, excursions and other activities organized by the Society.

The Society comprises of members belonging to one of the following four categories:

  • Honorary Fellows : 86

  • Honorary Member : 01

  • Life Members : 260

  • Annual Members : 02

Membership Fees

Annual Membership Fees: Rs. 2,200.00 (Domestic) or US $ 88.00 (Foreign)

Life Membership Fees: Rs. 7,500.00(Domestic) or US $ 300.00 (Foreign) for 10 years

Life Membership Fees: Rs. 10,000.00 (Domestic) or US $ 400.00 (Foreign) for 20 years

Rs 10,000 may be paid in two equal installments in same Financial Year.

The registration fees in either case is Rs. 100.00 or US $ 4.00.

IMS Membership Certificate will be issued only receiving full member fees.

For payment of membership of the Society and subscription of journal

Please make the Payment in the following procedure -

Mode of Payment - Cash/Cheque (At-Par)/Demand Draft/NEFT/RTGS Transfer

1. From i.e. Sender's Name
2. To:- Indian Mycological Society
UCO Bank, Ballygunge circular Road Branch,
    40/1, Ballygunge Circular Road Branch
Kolkata 700 019, India
I.M.S. SB A/c No. 08370110001257
IFSC Code-UCBA-0000837
3. Please confirm your payment with transaction receipt in our
  E-mail ID- &

Membership Application Procedure

Dr. A. K. Manna, Honorary Secretary, Indian Mycological Society

Address : Indian Mycological Society,
Department of Botany, Room No. 319,
University of Calcutta,
Taraknath Siksha Prangan,
35, Ballygunge Circular Road
Kolkata 700019, India

Please download the membership application form from here [Page 1] [Page 2]. Each application must be accompanied by 2 passport size photo graphs (B/W or colour), blood group, date of birth, contact no. and e-mail id.

If you require further information or assistance with membership matters, please contact Dr. A. K. Manna through e-mail [ and] or phone [+91.03325484189, 91-9433263670]. You can also contact the Business Manager, Dr. Ratna Banerjee by phone [91-9433342669].

We look forward to receiving your application for membership to the Indian Mycological Society

Download Membership Form

Volume 56
Number 3
October 2018