Mission & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the society include:

  • BMS systems
  • Organizing periodical meetings in Kolkata as well as other parts of India, with the aim of diffusing knowledge in Mycology, allied fields among scientists and others.
  • Arranging periodical excursions to different parts of India for the study of fungal and allied flora.
  • Endeavoring to cooperate with other scientific bodies for purposes of common interests.
  • Encouraging original investigations and scientific studies.
  • Publishing transactions, research work, Journals, Memoirs and other matters of the society that may be desirable, and making research paper abstracts available online through this site, wherever possible and feasible.

We welcome all enthusiastic mycologists, plant pathologists and scientists of the allived field to apply for society membership. Members receive a subscription to the official journal of the IMS, the Journal of Mycopathological Research, which is published quarterly and issued on last Monday of April, June, October and January of each financial year. If you have any queries regarding the society or would like to suggest information that you'd like to see on the IMS site, please write to the webmaster.