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Prof. K. R. Samaddar : Wood wide web/underground mycorrhizal hyphal network for plant’s communication to each other  
Madhusree Halder, Somnath Mondal, Sarmistha Ray and Surekha Kundu : Myco-synthesized silver nanoparticles from Curvularia affinis showing inhibitory activity against phyto-pathogenic fungus Alternaria solani 1
A. P. Ranjini and Raja Naika : Leaf spot and stem necrosis disease of Coffee seedlings caused by Myrothecium roridum Tode ex Fr. in India 5
Meghma Bera, Mahasin Ali Khan and Subir Bera :Two new species of Phomites Fritel from the phyllosphere of Siwalik forest of Arunachal sub-Himalaya 11
Abhilash, K. Karuna and A. Nagaraja : Morphological and molecular characterization of Alternaria spp. inciting Sunflower blight 15
Soma Pal Saha, Saroja Chhetri, Srijana Rai and Hrishikesh Chakraborty : Evaluation of ant nest microenvironment from Darjeeling Himalaya 21
Ranbir Singh, Deepika Sharma, Dechan Choskit, Sachin Gupta and S. K. Singh : Molecular identification of Tomato Leaf Curl Virus from temperate region of Jammu and Kashmir 29
H. R. Raveesha and B. K. Sushma : Antimicrobial activity of Baliospermum montanum (Wild.) Muell.Arg. 35
V. M. Gholve, B. R. Sawade, H. V. Kalpande and I. K. Das : Efficacy of new fungicides and bioagents against grain mold fungi 41
K. Hariprasad, A. Nagaraja and Suresh Patil : Morpho-physiological characters of Alternaria tenuissima (Fr.) Keissl causing Leaf blight in Kodo millet 51
Manoj Kumar Rout, Susant Kumar Swain and Prathana Mohanty : Studies on growth pattern and fruit body characteristic of Pleurotus spp. in East and South-Eastern Coastal Plain Zone of Odisha 57
Abhilash and K. Karuna : Cultural and physiological characterization of Alternaria helianthi causing Sunflower blight 61
S. Swarupa Rani and D. Shiphra Jones : Association of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in some medicinal plants of Rutaceae and Apiaceae from Telangana State, India 67
V. K. Yadav and N. D. Sharma : Two new Powdery mildew on medicinal plants 71
K. R. Samaddar : Marvels of Fungi 1 75