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Dr.A.Nagaraja : Millets and Important Diseases  
Sujoy Saha, N.D. Ashtekar, A.B.Rai, B.K.Sharma and Ananda Krishnan Balaraman :Synergistic effect of Benalaxyl8% and Mancozeb 65% combating Downy mildew of Cucumber 227
Somnath Mondal, Madhusree Halder, Amitava Saha and Surekha Kundu : Differential behaviour of Magnaporthe oryzae in the vicinity and on the host surface of tolerant and susceptible Rice varieties 231
D.Nagaraju and C.Manoharachary :Studies on AM fungal association with Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek from Telangana India 243
Nivedita Chattopadyay, Rupsanatan Mandal, and Jayan ta Tarafdar : An evolutionary analysis of Rice Tungro bacilliform virus collected from Odisha India. 251
M.Lokapur Chidanand, S.T.Naik and M.Ranganthswamy : Mould incidence and aflatoxin contamination in freshly harvested Ma ize kernels from Karnataka 251
Solanki Sarkar and Basudeb Dasgupta : First report of Leaf spot of Aswagandha (Withania somnifera Dunal) caused by Col letotrichum gloeosporioides from West Bengal India 257
Prem Chinabi Aryan, A.K.Singh, V.B.Singh, S.K.Singh and Anil Gupta : Status and management of Bacterial leaf blight (Xanthomonas oryzaepv. oryzae) of Rice through host resistance under Jammu sub-tropics 261
Raju Das, Debarpita Datta Ray and Prabir Kumar Bhat tacharyya : Field evaluation of Soybean varieties for resistance to Y ellow mosaic virus (YMV) in the lower gangetic plains of West Bengal India 265
Prittesh Patel and Ramar Krishnamurthy : Physiological profiling of Colletotrichum falcatum, the causal agent of Sugarc ane Red rot disease 269
R.Das, K.Mitra and R.Mandal : Integrated management of Alternaria blight (Alternaria spp.) of linseed (Linum usitatissimumL. ) in West Bengal India 275
Baby Kumari, Gireesh Chand, Santosh Kumar and Amare ndra Kumar : Effect of different casing materials on the yield o f button mushroom 281
Madhu S.Giri, V.L.Benagi, V.B.Nargund, R.V.Patil an d S.B. Gowdar : Survey of Bacterial blight of Pomegranate caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis 285
Sujoy Saha, Murugan Laganathan, Ruchi Garg and Awad esh Bahadur Rai : Sensitivity of chilli plants to Tricyclazole 18%+Ma ncozeb 62% WP against Anthracnose disease 295
Malabika Debnath, P.Mondal and S.K.Mandal : Effect of different liquid media on growth and sporulation of Beauveria bassia na in stationary culture 299
Dipak Kumar Paruya, Ruby Ghosh, Oindrila Biswas, Me ghma Bera and Subir Bera : Dispersed fungal remains from the Neogene Siwalik f orest of sub- Himalayan Arunachal Pradesh, India and their palaeo environmental indicative values 303
Malvika Shekhar and Monica Basu : Studies on Glomus species in the rthizosphere of some ornamental plants of family as teraceae 309
Mahesh M.Chaudhary, Priya John and D.H.Chaudhary : Effect of media and temperature on the mycelial growth of oyster mushro om (Pleurotus sp.) 313
S.K.Sarkar and Anupam Jana : Occurrence of Leaf blight of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) in West Bengal 317