Our Profile

The Indian Mycological Society (IMS) is a scientific society dedicated to advancing the science of mycology - the study of fungi of all kinds including mushrooms, yeasts, lichens and medically important fungi, as well as allied subjects like Microbiology, Soil Bacteriology, Plant Pathology, Fungal Physiology and so on.

The Society was founded in 1954 under the guidance of the late Professor S. N. Banerjee, and several other well respected research scientists. An outline of the Society's history can be found here.

Over the past sixty years the Society has been very responsive in catering to the needs of the research community by organizing several national and international symposia, workshops and seminars and providing a platform for the interaction of professionals, scientists, academicians and students.

IMS is proud and honoured to be the second largest society of mycologists in Asia and the largest of it's kind in India. In the coming years we hope to expand our efforts in being of service to the community of scientists by way of introducing useful online services to it's members as well as for the benefit of the general public.